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Reasons to Choose Sit-Stand Desks

Reasons to Choose Sit-Stand

The Human body is not designed to sit for long periods

Remaining seated for long periods can cause or exacerbate back and neck pain or discomfort

Sit-Stand desks give height adjustment flexibility for multi-user or shared desks
Easy (by electric motor) height adjustment make desks ideal for tall or short people as well as wheelchair users



Changing working position regularly helps to prevent back problems

Allows different sets of muscles to be used
Reduce build up fatigue
Allows spinal discs to compress and decompress allowing nutrition to disc
Reduce muscle pressure and allows better blood circulation
Improves concentration and efficiency

Negative effects of prolonged sitting


Slackening of abdominal muscles

Aching of back hence strain on bones, joints and ligaments
Build-up of fatigue due to restricted Oxygen supply to muscles
Damage to inter-vertebral discs due to reduced nutrition