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How do sit stand desks work?

At their most basic level there is set up height adjustable desking. As the name suggests it’s possible to vary the height of the desk when you assemble it or set it up. However, once built it’s likely you wouldn’t alter it again as it would be too much hassle. You would need to clear the desk and adjust the leg height so in reality this type of desk isn’t truly fully height adjustable.

The most common form of sit stand desk is one where the height is manually adjusted either by a crank handle or a gas spring lift mechanism. This does allow users to easily alter the work height frequently without major upheaval. Although these desks are easier to adjust down than up.
The most sophisticated version is the electrically height adjustable sit stand desk. At the press of a button users can quickly and easily raise and lower the desk work surface. Clearly this is the best option, unfortunately the big downside is price and even an entry level model is likely to be around $1200. Some electric height adjustable tables may be a little cheaper although they would only really be suitable for laptop use. For this reason progress towards mainstream use of sit stand desking in NZ is likely to be slow, although there is definitely more and more interest from designers, architects and other specialist users.
Ultimately price is likely to continue to be the main stumbling block to the wider acceptance of adjustable desks. The nature of the product means the inclusion of expensive components is still necessary, maybe the breakthrough will come from the far east.