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ErgoOffice Sit Stand Desk - Be Flexible at Work

Professionals who need to be in a conventional sitting position for most of the day often suffer from problems like soreness in the back and legs. If such problems are not treated on time, they may even cause repetitive strain injuries resulting in long-term disability. The best possible solution to such problems is to stay mobile. It will help your bones and muscles to remain active and flexible, and thus reduce the chance of developing muscle injuries. In addition, you must work to improve your postures by using some good movement patterns. In fact, most of the chronic injuries are the result of bad posture and by improving it you can actually ward off the chances of developing unnecessary back pain.

Most of the doctors and fitness experts agree that alternating between a sitting and standing position at work is a smart way to avoid discomfort, sluggish blood circulation, muscle cramping and stiffness. Varying your work positions throughout the day makes you more alert, energetic and productive while keeping you comfortable and pain-free.
With the ergonomically designed Sit Stand Desk of TheErgoOffice, you can now enjoy the benefits of flexible work positions. Aside from its exceptional functionality, the clean and simple design of this contemporary desk will surely add a pleasing aesthetic to your office interior.
This versatile ergonomic desk is designed to increase your comfort as well as reduce health hazards associated with working in a stationary position for most of your workday. TheErgoOffice Sit Stand desk is propelled by an electric motor and comes with a height variation of 25 - 52 inches. Its adjustment speed is around 1.7 inches/sec and has a weight limit of 130 pounds per leg. This desk comes with a lacquered veneer top with a thickness of around 0.86 inches. Being motorized, this desk can silently transition your seated position to a standing one simply by pressing a button. Such features truly make The Ergo Office Sit Stand Desk a dynamic office solution.
The base of the Sit Stand Desk is made up of steel, ensuring its strength and durability. This ergonomic desk is known for its optimum load bearing capacity as well as for its durability. It comes with pencil drawers that can be pulled out or swivel and a mobile file cabinet with two filing drawers to solve your space and storage problems. The file cabinet comes with a central lock ensuring optimal security. Keyboard extensions and adjustable CPU holders are also available.
Health care and wellness professionals are now recommending TheErgoOffice Sit Stand Desk to increase energy and alleviate back pain, joint stiffness and other work related discomforts.
Dynamic movement is a good thing.
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